Loans For UPS Employees

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Loans For UPS Employees
Generally, an employer is free to make loans to employees for any purpose, and low cost or interest-free loans are commonly offered as an employee benefit. However, issues may arise if a company lends money to enable employees to acquire shares in that company or a group company.

A payroll loan is a cash advance that is given to a borrower based on their employment status and income. A payroll loan is also known as a payday loan because the amount of the loan is typically scheduled for repayment upon getting paid by an employer.

The funds do need to be repaid. So the applicant will need to pay back FEEA through a recurring, weekly or monthly payroll allotment. While the length and terms of that schedule will vary, but regardless, the loans will be repaid a little at a time, each and every month. Clients normally get 10 months at most to repay the funds, with money withdrawn from each paycheck over that period of time.

Loans For UPS Employees


Loans : UPS Employees CU -

UPS Employees Credit Union offers loans for many different needs of UPS employees. Full time and part time employees are eligible for amounts based on length of employment. Payroll deduction is required for repayment. Secured Loan Rates. Credit Cards.

Loans - UPS Employees Federal Credit Union

UPS Employees Federal Credit Union (“UPSEFCU”) is owned by its shareholders/members and operated by its employees. UPSEFCU employees, products, and services are not affiliated with, approved by, or endorsed by United Parcel Service, Inc. or any of its affiliated companies.

UPS Employees Federal Credit Union | Personal Banking and ...

Bank with UPS Employees Federal Credit Union and enjoy a variety of personal banking services such as checking, savings, loans, mortgages and more.

UPS Employees CU

About UPS ECU Established in 1980 by a group of truck drivers to fulfill the financial needs of the employees of UNITED PARCEL SERVICE. We have come from working out of a shoebox to one the strongest credit unions in Tennessee.

UPS Employees | Aspire Federal Credit Union New Jersey

Low rates on loans with discounted GAP Insurance and Mechanical Breakdown Protection. and much more! All UPS employees, full-time or part-time, and their families are eligible for membership! Click here for FAQs on Aspire membership! New members just need a driver’s license, email address, social security number and debit/credit card handy.