Loans For FedEx Employees

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Hi! Guys, I decided to record this video after I received the question of what is tuition reimbursement, and how was I able to pay for tuition and not use loans.

Loans For FedEx Employees
Generally, an employer is free to make loans to employees for any purpose, and low cost or interest-free loans are commonly offered as an employee benefit. However, issues may arise if a company lends money to enable employees to acquire shares in that company or a group company.

A payroll loan is a cash advance that is given to a borrower based on their employment status and income. A payroll loan is also known as a payday loan because the amount of the loan is typically scheduled for repayment upon getting paid by an employer.

The funds do need to be repaid. So the applicant will need to pay back FEEA through a recurring, weekly or monthly payroll allotment. While the length and terms of that schedule will vary, but regardless, the loans will be repaid a little at a time, each and every month. Clients normally get 10 months at most to repay the funds, with money withdrawn from each paycheck over that period of time.

Loans For FedEx Employees


LOANS Personal - FedEx Employees Credit Association

FedEx Employees Credit Association > LOANS Personal. PERSONAL LOANS. PERSONAL LOANS . Line of Credit. Enjoy having cash readily available on an ongoing basis with our Line of Credit. Credit limits up to $10,000 are available, whenever you need it, at a competitive interest rate. Signature Loan.

Loans - FedEx Employees Credit Association

FedEx Employees Credit Association > Loans. LOANS. FEATURED RATES. New/Used Autos. 1.99% APR & up. Home Equity. 3.25% APR & up. Planes, Boats, RVs. 7.29% APR & up. View All Rates. Online Payment Portal. Paying for your loan from an outside account? Click here to make an easy online payment (email address and passcode required).

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What types of loans does FedEx Employees Credit Association offer? A host of loans for different needs are available through FECA. Personal loans. A personal loan can be used on any legitimate purchase through a line of credit, signature loan, 12-12-12 specialty loan and freedom loan.

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For help determining how much you can afford, contact FedEx Employees Credit Association mortgage department at (877) 512-3319. Process and Approval. Qualification for a mortgage loan is based on the ability to make monthly payments (assuming the minimum down payment requirement and closing costs are covered).

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FedEx Employees Credit Association is one of those institutions. FedEx Employee Credit Association is not actually a bank, but a credit union, which means it’s owned by its members who share in profits. FECA opened in 1974, with a vision to meet the financial needs of FedEx employees and their families.