Ted Markland's TV & TV Movies

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr:  Wild Card (8 Apr 1994) as duster #1
The A-Team
            A Nice Place to Visit (10 May 1983) as Logan
            Labor Pains (8 Nov 1983) as Giddings
Bat Masterson: Cattle & Can (3 March 1960)
Baywatch:  Trading Places (14 May 1994) as Laimbeer
Bonanza:  Credit for a Kill (23 Oct 1964) as Boone
Bonanza: Under Attack (1995) (made for TV) as Mr. Cole
Buckskin:  Coup Stick (2 Feb 1959) as Nestor
Cagney & Lacy:  Beyond the Golden Door (8 Apr 1981)
Charlie's Angels:  Angels on Horseback (21 Dec 1977) as Ed Cole
Dukes of Hazzard
            Follow That Still (4 Jan 1980) as Flint
            Danger on the Hazzard Express (30 Nov 1984) as Perry
Enos:  One Daisy Per Summer (21 Jan 1981)
Falcon Crest:  The Tangled Vines (18 Dec 1981) as roadhouse owner
The Fall Guy:
            Private Eyes (24 Oct 1984)
            Dead Ringer (3 Oct 1985)
Father Murphy (series) 1981-1982 as Frank
Have Gun Will Travel:  Incident at Borasca Bend (21 Mar 1959) as Patterson
The High Chaparral (series) 1967-1969 as Reno
Hill Street Blues: Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back (3 Mar 1983) as Haggerty
Hostage Heart (1977) (made for TV)
How the West Was Won:
            [episode 1:1]  (12 Feb 1978) as Nugget
            [episode 1:2]  (19 Feb 1978) as Nugget
          Straight to the Heart (24 Jan 1987)
          Little Man with a Big Reputation (26 Apr 1991) as Snake
The Incredible Hulk:
            The Waterfront Story (31 May 1978) as Marty Hammond
            Free Fall (21 Nov 1980) as Ike
Knight Rider:  No Big Thing (12 Nov 1982)
Man from Blackhawk:  Death is the Best Policy (18 Dec 1959) as Early Sutter
Murder She Wrote:  Thicker Than Water  (6 Oct 1991) as Capt Ned Keller
Outlaws:  The Little Colonel (18 May 1961) as Cass
Relentless (1977) (made for TV) as Lt Dan Barrackough
Renegade:  The Hot Tip (22 Feb 1993)
The Restless Gun:  Peligroso (15 Dec 1958) as Collie Smith
Rockford Files:  Dwarf in a Helium Hat (27 Jan 1978) as Mel
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers:  The Rescue (9 Feb 1983) as pilot
She's in the Army Now (1981) (made for TV) highway patrolman
Simon & Simon
              What's in a Gnome? (24 Feb 1983) as Ed Williams
              Who Killed the Sixties? (8 Nov 1984) as hood
             Walking Point (26 Mar 1987) as Hemmings
Sizzle (1981) (made for TV) as Jack a prison guard
TJ Hooker:  Nightmares (19 Feb 1986) as driver
Tate:  Tigero (3 Aug 1960) as Bill Towley
The Wild Wild West: Night of the Red-Eyed Madmen (26 Nov 1965) as Jack Talbot
The Yellow Rose: Breaking Trail (12 Nov 1983) as Tolan




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